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Can anything be more relaxing than watching the waves come in from an old fashioned porch swing?

Old fashioned porch swing - Please click to enlarge
(Click to enlarge any of these photographs)

Or, more fun than kids playing with their friends?

Kids playing with their friends - Please click to enlarge

Or, more special than kids visiting with their grandparents?

Kids  visiting with their grandparents - Please click to enlarge

These are the big, sturdy porch swings, that if you were lucky, you got to enjoy when you were a kid. Most of our houses have these swings and the really big houses have two. All of the swings are at beach level so you can watch the waves roll in.

To confirm if a specific house has a swing, please go to Features.

If you have any questions about staying at a Beach House,
please call us at 713-995-6111, or go to Contact Us.

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