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With its unspoiled shoreline, Surfside Beach, Texas is the perfect retreat for people who want to relax in a fully furnished beach house. If you have questions about any of these activities please feel free to call us at 713-995-6111.

Surfside Beach

Things to do (Most of these activities are FREE)

Affordable family outings Hospital
Bird watching Museums
Boating Numbers to know
Brazos Bend State Park Pedestrian Beach
Brazosport Art & Science Center Play in the sand / or snow
Children playing at the beach Running / Marathons
Churches – Updated San Luis Pass / Treasure Island
Crabbing Scuba diving / Flower Garden
Dolphins / Whale Sea Center Texas
Fishing Sea Shell Collecting
Galveston Island Sea turtles
George Observatory Shopping
Golf courses Stahlman Park Conference Center
Grocery stores Stephen F. Austin Statue
Horseback Riding Surfside's East Beach
Jetty Park Varner-Hogg Plantation

Playing in the Waves
Playing in the Waves

Playing in the Sand
Playing in the Sand

Playing with Friends - Click to enlarge
Playing with Friends
(click to enlarge)

Visiting with Grandparents - Click to enlarge
Visiting with Grandparents
(click to enlarge)

Playing with Dad
Playing with Dad
(click to enlarge)
Worn out with dad
Worn out with Dad
(click to enlarge)

A very special, affordable family outing

Children love the beach. Whether they’re discovering “treasures” in the sand or splashing in the water, you will both enjoy it. And, if you’re up to it, they love having friends come with them.
  • There are plenty of fun things for kids to do at the beach that are FREE

    • Looking for shells and other “treasures”
    • Playing in the sand
    • Catching crabs
    • Playing with Mom or Dad

  • Swinging on an old fashioned Porch Swing

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Crabbing enthralls young children and is fun for adults. It involves dangling a baited bit of string into the water and pulling up hungry, scrambling crabs.

  • The addition of a crab net and/or a ring net trap adds to the expense but you’ll catch more crabs.
  • Surfside Fishing Jetties and across from Stahlman Park are usually productive.
  • For more, go to Crabbing—It’s fun, and, it’s easy.

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red fish caught from beach
43 lb Red Fish
Caught from beach

red snapper
Red Snapper
Caught offshore

Tuna & red snapper - click to enlarge
Tuna & Red Snapper
Caught Offshore
(click to enlarge)

Texas' best sports fishing

  • 14 miles of freely accessible shorelines
    • You can usually find good fishing from the beach right in front of your house
    • Redfish this size are common in the fall, but the legal keep size is 20”-28”. With a license you can keep two oversized fish per year. The man pictured caught nine, and he released them all
    • But, they’re delicious either grilled or blackened
  • Deep sea fishing
    • Surfside is only a short boat ride from some of the best fishing areas on the Gulf Coast
    • Many varieties of Snapper, Grouper, King Mackerel, Amberjack, Ling, Dolphin (Dorado), & Tuna are caught
  • For more, go to Saltwater Fishing at Surfside Beach
    • Basics for newcomers
    • Expectations and fishing licenses
    • Fishing guides and boat charters
    • Surfside Jetty County Park. FREE
    • Surfside boat ramp – easy access to the open Gulf. FREE

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Watch dolphins playing


Surfside has several pods of dolphins that can often be seen frolicking in the surf. These dolphins were photographed playing about 60 yards offshore in front of one of our houses.

Find a whale on the beach


Whales are rare in the Gulf of Mexico. But in February, 2013 this 15 foot juvenile Minke whale was found stranded on our beach. After a couple of hours the whale was pushed back out into deeper water and he (or she) swam away.

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Sea Gull

Rosette Spoonbill

Enjoy one of the Audubon Society's favorite birding site locations in America

Brown Pelicans
Brown Pelicans
blue heron
Blue Heron
Spoonbills & Herons - Click to enlarge
How many can you identify?
(click picture to enlarge, and for answers)
  • Southern Brazoria County has ranked #1 in the North American Christmas Count four times in the last 20 years.
  • During this time over 326 species have been sighted.
  • An additional 50 migrant bird varieties converge during the Spring migration period from March to mid-May.

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Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle
Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle


Green Turtle Release
Wildlife staff released this Green Turtle back into Gulf
  Wildlife staff collect eggs
Wildlife staff collect eggs
(click picture to enlarge)

Discover a rare sea turtle’s nest

One of the joys of the beach is discovering what has washed (or crawled) ashore. Earlier this year a family staying at one of our houses found both a Green Turtle and a Kemp’s ridley sea turtle’s nest. In 2007 a guest in another house discovered a Kemp’s ridley sea turtle that was still on her nest. Both families called the turtle hot line (866-TURTLE-5) and U.S. Fish & Wildlife personnel came and carefully collected the eggs. The eggs will be incubated and released back into the Gulf.

The Kemp’s ridley sea turtle is the rarest sea turtle in the world. It was once the 12th most endangered species in the world (fewer than 1,000 nests in 1985), but it is now recovering and dozens of nests are found each spring along the Texas coast.

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Smooth Sailing
Bridge Harbor Marine Center & Yacht Club

San Luis Pass
Minutes from Gulf or bay


Recreational Boating

  • Surfside is directly on the Gulf of Mexico
    • Fastest access to blue water in the Houston/Galveston area
    • Only a short boat ride to some of the greatest fishing areas on the Gulf Coast
    • Repair shops, dry stack marinas, and free public boat ramps
    • Home of Bridge Harbor Marine Center & Yacht Club
  • One of our houses is set up with the boater in mind
    • The 4-Bedroom Buccaneer is at San Luis Pass
    • The Buccaneer has a concrete parking slab under the house and access to a private boat ramp

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Sea Center Texas

Touch Tank
(click picture to enlarge)

50,000 Gallon Saltwater Tank
(click picture to enlarge)

Sea Center Texas

  • $13 Million, state of the art fish hatchery and Visitor Center
  • World's largest hatchery for red drum (also known as red fish) and spotted sea trout
  • Produces and releases 25,000,000 1¼ inch long fingerlings per year
  • Guided tours of hatchery are available, call 979-292-0100
  • 50,000 gallon salt water aquarium.
  • Two 12-foot Touch Tanks--touch and feel blue crabs, hermit crabs, starfish, urchins, clams, snails, and anemones
  • 5,000-gallon jetty exhibit + 5,000-gallon artificial reef + 2,200 gallon Coastal Bay aquarium + 1,000-gallon salt marsh exhibit
  • Open Tues—Sat. 9 AM—4.PM, Sun. 1PM—4 PM. Closed Mon. and holidays

HOW TO GET THERE: Sea Center Texas is in Lake Jackson at 300 Medical Drive. To get there from Surfside, take Texas 332 toward Lake Jackson for 10 miles. Take Plantation Drive exit (there’s a Randall’s and large Buc-ee’s on west side of highway). Turn left on Plantation Drive and it dead ends at Sea Center Texas.

Call 979-292-0100 to confirm hours and for additional information

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Brazosport Center for the Arts and Sciences

Brazosport Planetarium

 The Clarion at Brazosport College

Brazosport Center for the Arts and Sciences

Generously endowed by Dow Chemical, BASF and other local benefactors, this is a remarkable collection of resources. Rated one of Top Ten Museums in Texas by Frommer's Travel Guide and chosen BEST in category of “Best Attractions/Museum” by the Texas Travel Counselors.

  • Brazosport Center Stages
    • Oldest theatre group on the Texas Coast
    • Teen summer programs
  • Brazosport Planetarium
    • Planetarium shows most Tuesday evenings
    • Can be reserved for private group showings
  • Brazosport Museum of Natural Science
    • Largest sea shell collection in the southern United States
    • Wildlife and fossil exhibits
  • The Clarion at Brazosport College
    • 600-seat concert hall
    • Several concerts each year
The Brazosport Center for the Arts & Sciences is in Clute at 400 College Blvd., just off of Highway 288B

For more information, call 877-265-7661 (toll free)

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  • Good Morning Surfside Church
    Sun. 9:00 am
    610 Beach Drive

  • The Anchor Church of Surfside Beach
    Sun. 10:30 am Wed. 7:00 pm
    111 Surf Dr. (one block North of Beach Dr.)

  • First Baptist Church
    Founded in 1896 979-849-4311
    237 East Locust, Angleton

  • First United Methodist Church
    Founded in 1836 979-798-2220
    409 Lazy Lane, Brazoria

  • B’Nai Israel Church
    Founded in 1868 409-765-5796
    3006 Ave. O, Galveston

  • St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church
    1019 West 6th St., Freeport

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Lake Jackson Historical Museum

  • Dozens of video presentations, hands-on exhibits and interactive displays.
  • World’s first composite airplane that was "invisible" to radar. Precursor to the Stealth Aircraft.

Call 979-297-1570


Fort Velasco Historical Museum

  • Since being discovered by the Spanish in 1528 Surfside has played a pivotal role in Texas’ history.
  • This small, FREE museum in on the second floor of Surfside’s City Hall at 1304 Monument Drive.
For more, go to Historical Events

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damsel fish
Damselfish & Coral
115 miles offshore
(click picture to enlarge)

Dive the beautiful Gulf of Mexico "Flower Gardens" Reef

  • Located 115 miles offshore, the Flower Garden Banks are the northernmost living coral reefs on the continental shelf
  • Each August the waters of the Flower Gardens explode with an effervescent white glow as the coral reefs begin spawning
  • The Stetson Bank is closer and is worth diving, but it does not have coral reefs


Underwater Expeditions 979-285-0600
HydroSports Scuba 979-285-0600


Dive Mammoth Lake
(click picture to enlarge)


Dive Mammoth Lake

  • 70-feet deep dive lake + indoor diving pool
  • Authorized PADI classes & dive shop
  • Tank fills
      Call:  979-266-9771
      Website: http://www.mammothlakescuba.comm

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elaborate playing
Elaborate playing
(click picture to enlarge)

simple playing
Simply playing

Play in the Sand

Whether you build something elaborate or quite simple, there is something wonderfully relaxing about playing in the sand.

It’s FREE. And, adults enjoy it just as much as kids.

Christmas 2004


Play in the Snow

Because of the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Surfside Beach is normally warmer than Houston during the winter (and cooler during the summer).

But, in a once in a lifetime happening, Surfside Beach had several inches of real snow for Christmas, 2004.

Since this is the first time we have ever had a white Christmas, we cannot promise that it will happen again.

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Surfside Beach Marathon

Run on the beach

Whether jogging for a half a block or running several miles, a run on Surfside Beach will be more enjoyable than your regular route. Plus, the well packed sand is easier on your legs.
  • “Best run you’ve probably never done.” Roberta Macinnis, Running Columnist, Houston Chronicle
  • The Surfside Beach Marathon, Half Marathon and Kid’s Run for 2017 is February 4th. These runs are quite popular so it’s best to register early.
  • A Five K run has been added for 2017.
  • We had a daughter and three grandkids run this year. They plan to run again.

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Pedestrian Beach
Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

See the beach from a different point of view. Take a leisurely horseback ride on the beach. 2 or 3 riders at a time with a guide. Family operated. By reservation. 220 lb. weight limit.


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Pedestrian Beach
Pedestrian Beach
(No cars allowed)

Pedestrian Beach

Pedestrian Beach. Located on the west side of Surfside Beach. This area has been set aside for beach visitors to enjoy the beach without any interference from vehicles. It is perfect if you have small children. Off-beach parking is permitted adjacent to the beach.

A number of our beach houses are located on this car-free beach.

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Surfside’s East Beach
Surfside’s East Beach

Surfside’s East Beach

Surfside’s East Beach. Most of Surfside’s larger houses are on this section of the beach. It is located about 2½ miles east of Surfside’s only stoplight.

We have several houses clustered near each other on this beach in case you want to have additional family or friends stay near you. All of our houses on the East Beach are beach front.

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 Galveston Aerial view
Aerial view of Galveston
(click picture to enlarge)

Galveston Island

Because we have so much less traffic than Galveston, it is often more relaxing to stay at Surfside Beach and drive over to Galveston if you want to do something over there.

Galveston Beach Houses. Galveston has a number of very nice beach houses. Although most of the houses on the first row at Galveston are privately owned and not available for vacation rental, there are beachhouses in Galveston a few streets back from the beach that can be rented.

Some of the fun activities on Galveston Island:

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San Luis Pass
San Luis Pass



San Luis Pass/Treasure Island

San Luis Pass links Galveston Bay with the Gulf of Mexico. It is spanned by a mile long bridge ($2.00 toll) and forms the back entrance to Galveston Bay. San Luis Pass is ten miles east of Surfside Beach (13 miles from the stop light).

Treasure Island is on the Surfside Beach side of San Luis Pass. It has the beaches, fishing, and reduced traffic of Surfside, but is ten miles closer to Galveston. One of our houses, the Buccaneer is at Treasure Island.

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Varner-Hogg Plantation Manor

Varner-Hogg Plantation State Historical Park

In 1824, Martin Varner, one of Texas' original 300 colonists started his sprawling plantation on the Brazos River. Governor James Hogg purchased it in 1901, and his daughter Ima Hogg donated the property to the state of Texas in 1958.

Majestic ante-bellum home with many Hogg family heirlooms, period furniture and historic documents

For more information:

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Interesting site on the way to Surfside –
Stephen F. Austin Statue

Stephen F. Austin Statue - Click to enlarge Stephen F. Austin Statue - Click to enlarge Stephen F. Austin Statue - Click to enlarge Stephen F. Austin Statue - Click to enlarge
(Click on pictures of statue to enlarge)

A 72-foot tall cement likeness of Stephen F. Austin, the father of Texas, stands on the east side of Highway 288, midway between Highway 35 and the north edge of Lake Jackson. The huge sculpture was designed by sculptor David Adickes who also designed the 67-foot tall statue of Sam Houston near Huntsville, Texas.

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Brazos Bend State Park

Brazos Bend State Park

4,897 acres and 3.2 miles of Brazos River frontage provide some of the state’s most magnificent hardwood bottomland. Good possibility of seeing a few alligators. Brazos Bend State Park is in the area of Stephen F. Austin's first colonial land grant from Mexico and Texas’ first Anglo colonization.

For more information, visit or call 979-553-5101.

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George Observatory

George Observatory

Located in the Brazos Bend State Park. It is home to one of the country’s largest telescopes, the 36-inch Gueymard Research Telescope — similar to NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope — as well as two smaller domed telescopes. A satellite facility of the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

For more information, visit or call 713-639-4629.

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Lightning Whelk
The Texas State Shell

A Sea Gull delicacy

Sea Shell Collecting

The best time to find intact shells is in the winter when there aren’t very many people looking for them. During the summer, the best time to find them will be in the morning right after a high tide.

Texas has a state sea shell. It is the beautiful Lightning Whelk.

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Grocery stores

  • Surfside has two “seven-eleven” type grocery stores. Both carry a reasonable assortment of groceries and drinks.

  • HEB has a large grocery store in Lake Jackson with a bakery, tortilleria, full service deli, and sushi bar.
    Directions: Take Oyster Creek Blvd. exit off of Highway 288. Click for map.

  • Walmart has a full sized store in Lake Jackson with large grocery section.
    Directions: Take Oyster Creek Blvd. exit off of Highway 288. Click for map.

  • Handy Shopping Triangle
    • Baywood Foods, Good assortment for a small town grocery store. Address: 301 So. Brazosport Blvd., Freeport. 979-231-1307
    • Cap’t Marks, Fresh fish and shrimp. Notice the large shark on wall that jumped into one of their offshore fishing boats. Address: 603 2nd St., Freeport. 979-2336-0555.
    • Buc-ee's, Crushed ice--20 lbs. for $1.49. Address: 4231 Highway 323 (on right coming from Lake Jackson toward Surfside).

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Surfside Beach is a relaxed, casual beach resort. But on the north edge of Lake Jackson at the intersection of Highway 332 and 288 is Brazos Mall. In the Mall and immediate neighborhood are several large stores, including:

  • Dillard's
  • Penny's
  • Academy
  • Target
  • Wal-Mart
  • Sears
  • The mall also has a fourteen-screen movie theater and several casual restaurants.

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    Columbia Lakes

    The Wilderness

    Golf at several 18-hole golf courses

    Course Pro Phone
    Columbia Lakes Resort – West Columbia Jeff Bietz 800-231-1030
    Freeport Municipal – Freeport Pinkey Hartline 979-233-8311
    Riverside Country Club – Lake Jackson Neal Ermies 979-798-9141
    The Wilderness – Lake Jackson Kit Thomson 979-297-GOLF
    West Brazos Golf Center – Brazoria Larry Monte 979-798-4653

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    Numbers to know

    Emergencies – 911

    Non Emergencies
    Surfside Police – 979-239-1151 or 979-239-1152
    Surfside Fire Dept. or EMS – 979-233-5926
    Brazoria County Sheriff – 979-265-3910
    Brazosport Regional Medical Center – 979-297-4411
    US Coast Guard – 979-233-3801

    Hospital – Brazosport Memorial Hospital in Lake Jackson is a well-equipped, full service hospital. It has an Emergency & Minor Care entrance. Address: 100 Medical Dr., Lake Jackson, 77566. Phone: 979-297-441. Click for map.

    HOW TO GET TO THE HOSPITAL: From the stoplight in Surfside, take Texas 332 toward Lake Jackson. In 11 miles take the Oak Dr./Veterans Memorial Pkwy exit. Turn left on Oak Dr. Go 3/10th mile to first stop light. The hospital is on the left.

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    On West Edge of Island


    3,000-ft Fishing Jetty
    Red Fish caught from Surfside Jetty
    35" Red Fish
    Caught from Surfside Jetty
    Surfside Jetty Park Playground
    (click picture to enlarge)

    Surfside Jetty Park

    • 3,000-foot flat-top surface over granite boulders
    • Puts the casual, or serious, fisherman (or woman) within easy reach of moving tides and feeding fish
    • Playground, picnic tables, and volleyball courts
    • It’s FREE

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    Stahlman Park Conference Center
    Stahlman Park
    (click picture to enlarge)

    Stahlman Park Conference Center

    The Stahlman Park Conference Center was completely rebuilt after the popular pavilion was destroyed during Hurricane Ike. The pavilion is located on the beach front, can be reserved for private events, and is quite nice.

    For more information: Stahlman Park Conference Center
    To reserve, call the Village of Surfside Beach: 979-233-1531.

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    If you have any questions about vacationing at Surfside Beach,
    or if you would like to reserve one of our houses,
    please call us at 713-995-6111, or go to Contact Us.

    Beach Front Properties
    Quality beach houses since 1981


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