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Texas Blue Crab
Texas Blue Crab
Ring Net Trap
Ring Net Trap
Female crab with eggs
Female Crab with Eggs

Crabbing—It’s fun, and, it’s easy

Crabbing is inexpensive fun, and easy for all members of the family. Along our coast there is no limit on the number you can catch, but there is a 5-inch minimum body width as measured from spine to spine. Also, if you catch any "sponge" crabs (female crabs with spongy masses of eggs on their abdomens) please throw them back. Those eggs are our next generation of crabs.

One of the easiest ways to catch crabs is with chicken necks or fish heads tied to a piece of strong string long enough to reach the bottom, usually about ten feet. Place the baited line in water from the jetties, a pier, bank, or boat and wait until a crab grabs it. When there is a pull on the end of your string, slowly retrieve it until you see the crab. If you have a net, use it to dip your crab out and drop him into your bucket or ice chest. If you don’t have a net you’ll have to be very careful because your crab will usually let go as soon as he comes out of the water. Take your time. Patience is the key!

Crabs can be kept alive after you’ve caught them by either putting them on ice or keeping them moist and out of the sun in a bucket.

Crabs are delicious in any number of excellent dishes. But, they need to be cleaned quickly to prevent any spoilage. Dead crabs should be discarded. Crabs can be boiled before or after you clean them.

To clean a crab, remove the claws by holding the body in one hand and twisting the claw off with the other hand. Next, hold the legs in one hand, insert your fingers under the shell at the back of the crab, and pull the shell up and off. Scoop out and discard the internal organs in the center of the crab. Slice the top of one side of the body with a knife and repeat on the other side. Now scoop out the meat from the exposed chambers. The meat in the claws is also good to eat, but it’s not as easy to get to. Keep your cleaned crab meat refrigerated or on ice until you are ready to eat it. Then—Enjoy!


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