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Will I enjoy working in this area more if I …
Rent a Motel Room in Lake Jackson, Clute, or Alvin?
Rent a small Beach House at Surfside Beach?

Some Differences Between a Motel Room and a Beach House --

Costs Kitchens and Refrigerators
View each Morning (and Evening) Washing Machine & Dryer
Separate Living Room and Bedroom  

Beach Houses available for Corporate Housing
(click Underlined House Names for prices, photos, floor plans, and Google maps)

Corporate Housing

       Motel room may be better if …
       • You just need a place to sleep
       • You’re staying for just a night or two

      Beach House may be better if …
       • You want more space -- such as a separate room from your bedroom
       • Sharing with a friend would save a lot of money -- but you would prefer separate bedrooms
       • You’d like to save money by eating in sometimes. A kitchen makes this a lot easier
       • Looking at the Gulf each morning sounds better than looking at the motel lobby or parking lot

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The View You’ll See each Morning (and evening)

Beach Front at a Beach House - Please click to enlarge
View of Beach from Beach House
Galveston Hotel Hallway - Please click to enlarge
View of Motel Hallway
Beach Front at a Small Galveston Hotel (or Motel) - Please click to enlarge
or View of Parking Lot
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Living Room is Separate from your Bedroom
• Have the option of not having to sit next to your bed when you relax in the evenings
• Have the option of eating at a table, outside of your bedroom

Kitchen and Refrigerators (Click to enlarge any of the photographs)

Beach House Fully furnished kitchen - Please click to enlarge Full Sized Refrigerator at a Beach House - Please click to enlarge Hotel Refrigerator - Please click to enlarge
Beach House Hotel Room
Nice sized kitchen and table Full sized refrigerator Under counter refrigerator

      – Save money by eating in occasionally
      – Save time by not having to eat out every night
Full sized Refrigerators
      – Great for cold drinks, snacks, left overs, or Blue Bell in the freezer
Tables are nice in case you want space to spread your food out; or for paperwork

Washing machine & dryer
• These can be very handy
• If the motel has them they are usually coin-operated, washateria style machines

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If you have any questions about our beach houses, or beach houses in general,
please call us at 713-995-6111, or email at Contact Us.

Beach Front Properties
Quality beach houses since 1981


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